ielts advanced writing


Target: Help students to master their Writing skill in IELTS.  

Duration: 50 hours

Input: IELTS Writing 6.0+

Output: IETLS Writing 7.0+

- Improve Critical Thinking skill.
- Provide question types and help students to solve the problems when they are writing at higher level. 
- Correct students' writing in each session in order to improve their score. 



Target: Help students to improve their essay writing skills in Undergraduate and Post-graduate level. 

Entry requirement: IELTS Writing 6.0+

Duration: 38 hours

- Improve Critical Thinking skill.
- Help students to understand the writing process.
- Attack formats, features, text types, sentence skills and word skills. 
- Help students to answer questions successfully by identifying the topic, scope and focus.
- Help students to understand question types, for example: comprehension, application, etc.
- Practise different essay styles, for example: comparison and contrast, argument and synthesis essays, etc.

- 5% discount for group of 3 students.
- 5% discount for ILSE students.

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