ielts express

IELTS Express is one of the "most-wanted" courses in ILSE. Every course, we had at least 2 students achieved IELTS 7.0 (i.e. 2.0 Bandscore jump) after one IELTS Express course. 

Input: IELTS 5.0-5.5

Output: IELTS 6.0-6.5

- Speaking and Writing: 44 hours
- Reading and Listening: 30 hours

Number of students : maximum 12 students per class

- Provide questions types and guide the way to answer based on sample answers.
- Equip students with advanced techniques, especially in Writing and Speaking.
- Help students understand marking criteria for each skills at different bandscores.
- Students have to practise in all sessions under the close supervision of the instructor. Especially in Speaking and Writing, the instructor will provide detail feedback and guidance after each student's performance. 

- 5% discountr for group of 3 students. 
- 5% discount for ILSE students.

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