ielts & proficiency speaking

The purpose: This course is designed to provide advanced level English speaking skills for young learners who are aiming to master their language skills to reach proficiency level for social and academic purposes.

Input: IELTS Speaking 6.0+

Level: European Common Framework of Reference for Languages: From B1/B2 to C1/C2 (IELTS Equivalent (6.5-8.5) (upper intermediate to proficiency)

Course syllabus: Custom designed through extensive research of advanced and proficiency level speaking literature.

Skills covered: topic specific and grammar related vocabulary, listening, grammar for formal and informal speech, cultural awareness, everyday English with colloquial and idiomatic expressions and developing abilities to react to unexpected speaking circumstances.

Methodology: Lesson based unit exploration, projects, group work, discussions and debate and individual and group work presentations.

Course outcomes: to equip young learners with the necessary skills to communicate in all key skills confidently at C1-C2 level, while developing personal and group work skills and having fun.

Duration: 60 hours

Number of students: maximum 12 students per class

- 5% discount for group of 3 students.
- 5% discount for ILSE students.

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