With student-focused approach and small-class-size (1-1, 1-4 and 1-12), training materials for each class are revised and updated to match with the expectation of each class and individual student. 

The purpose: Our courses will not only help students to achieve their target score in the shortest period time, but also equip them with essential academic study skills that are required at the schools, colleges and universities abroad. 

Course Content:
- An overview of IELTS in order to learn about the test and test format.
- Get students familiar with the marking criteria for each skill at different bandscore.
- Get students familiar with question types of each skill. 
- Graded practice in all 04 skills.
- Detailed feedback on all 04 skill practice, especially writing and speaking. 
- Revision of fundamental knowledge, including grammar and vocabulary to achieve target score.
- Regular practice with our carefully graded Mock Test bank to get ready for the official test. 

Instructors:  100% native, exprienced instructors with professional teaching manner. 

Teaching Methodology: Individual student-centred approach helps students strengthen their strengths and improve their weaknesses.

Commitment:  ILSE commits to help students achieve 1.0 bandscore jump after 01 course (Note: Terms and Conditions applied)

IELTS STEP UP (Input: 4.0-4.5, Output: 5.0-5.5)
- Step up Reading and Listening: 30 hours;
- Step up Speaking and Writing: 32 hours.

IELTS EXPRESS (Input: 5.0-5.5, Output: 6.0-6.5)
- IELTS Express- Reading and Listening: 30 hours; 
- IELTS Express- Speaking and Writing: 44 hours

IELTS MASTERCLASS (Input: 6.0-6.5, Output: 7.0+)
The course covers all 04 skills at the high level with the total duration of 60 hours.

IELTS ADVANCED SPEAKING (Input: IELTS Speaking 6.0-6.5, Output: IELTS Speaking 7.5+)
This course covers the advanced speaking techniques with the total duration of 50 hours.

IELTS ADVANCED WRITING (Input: IELTS Writing 6.0-6.5, Output: IELTS Writing 7.5+)
This course covers the advanced writing techniques with the total duration of 50 hours.

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